Failing In Exams is Passe!

A first of its kind, coaching and mentoring start up to help students who have failed in any exam from LKG to Ph D- to clear it for sure shot in the next attempt.

Sure Pass is trusted by 25,000+ students.

It’s important to know that the learning approach “is as unique as every learner”. Parents expect the moon and crib for small things that he/she is not performing to the true potential. The crib can be endless and in plenty. Little do they realise that they should seek advice of a good counsellor! At SURE PASS we work to understand the student’s potential, skill sets and aspirations and design methodologies, remedies, initiatives to align towards the goal. Our process has met the expectation of parents and students. We are successful in helping students PASS all their subjects, and reach towards their goals and aspirations. We work with students from ‘KG to PhD’.

Our Work

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.

We have been part of countless seminars, workshops, training programs, chat shows, TV shows, etc., over the years. In a given year we deliver more than 100 programs at schools and colleges and corporates to upskill the learners on various facets.

With very in-depth knowledge about the education industry, we talk to at least 3 students on any given day to understand, counsel and motivate them towards goals and achievements.

Our experience spans from early identification of interest, potential in a student to helping build his/her goal sheet to counselling at required intervals, recommending the right faculty for additional hand holding, motivating during exams, coaching for the entrance exams and getting a berth at a chosen college. We walk that extra mile with the student.



Psychometric Assessments are standard scientific methods used to measure an individuals mental capabilities and behavioral style. Psychometric Assessments include behavioral and self-awareness assessments, motivator assessments, stress quotient assessments, emotional intelligence assessments, predictive work skill assessments and many others. These assessments help one to understand self-better and plan his/her journey ahead.


Counselling is a process when an assesse and a counselor agree to set aside time to explore assesses queries, concerns and difficulties which may include guidance, hand holding, fear, stress, frustration, trauma or emotional feelings etc., For students it may also include guidance to score high, focus in studies, choose the right career stream, choose the right branch, choose the right job and helping one to prepare for the job by building the right work skills etc.


Coaching in its simplest form means to train, tutor or provide instructions. Coaching is used to assess assessment growth to support the development of current and future plans. It is customized to an individual that seeks to raise assesses awareness of the impact of his/her style and behaviours, maximize assesses unique strengths, provide new tools and strategies for achieving desired results. Help assess transform and minimize unproductive behaviour.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

IDP is an action plan designed to improve the knowledge and abilities of the assesse. It helps the assesse plan meaningful steps on the path towards short term and long term goals as well as improves the current job performance.IDP is a partnership between the assesse and the counsellor and involves preparation and continuous feedback. Personal development plans typically include a portfolio containing evidence of the skills gathered over a particular timeframe.

Faculty Connect

Sure Pass connects the student to the best teacher. Our aim to make sure that the students clears every exam that he appears. We work with the student to understand him/her, we counsel the student, motivate and help understand new approaches and build confidence. We then connect the student to subject specific and right faculty, who will analyse the current understanding on the subject of the student and suggest remedial plan to us. We then provide a roadmap to the student.


The skills or competencies which have been identified during assessments as weak or requires development, the skills and knowledge that relate to specific competencies are delivered to the assesse through training programs. Training program allows assesse to strengthen those skills and competencies and enable him/her to improve capability, capacity, productivity and performance. Training may continue beyond initial competence to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout life.


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What our Students Say

“Sure pass helped me a lot all the faculties who taught me were experienced and cleared all my doubts.”

Karthik Hegde


“The counseling went very well , all thanks to sure pass now i don't have fear of exams anymore.”



“I have been to many of coaching classes but sure pass is the best and is a unique concept of connecting students with best faculties.”



“Regular assesments have helped me a lot in understanding the subject better and reduced my fear during exams.”

Safwan M


“The Individual Development Plan which they providered me after understanding my study patterns has helped me a lot in my studies.”

Lloyd DSouza


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